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Saturday February 10th  -  Nags Head, Belper, DE56 1GD

Friday February 16th  -  British Beer Festival, Burton, DE14 2EB

Saturday April 6th  -  The Geek Bar, Burton, DE14 1BN

Saturday May 18th  -  The White Hart, Ashby, LE65 1AP

Sunday May 26th  -  The Smithfield, Derby, DE1 2BH

Saturday June 15th  -  Stretton Social Club, Burton, DE13 0DU

Saturday July 6th  -  Wooldstock, Woolden Hill School, Anstey

Saturday August 24th  -  The Feathers Inn, LIchfield, WS13 7BA

Saturday October 19th  -  The Geek Bar, Burton , DE14 1BN

Saturday December 28th  -  The Feathers Inn, Lichfield, WS13 7BA

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